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Beh holds a B.A. in Electronic Music Production and Performance from Catalyst Institue Berlin (2021). They has exhibited and performed their work in independent spaces, such as 'the point of no return' at the group exhibition 'Exhale(s) at Errant Sound (DE), ‘tendency of time’ at the group exhibition 'To be more site-specific' at MATCA artspace (RO), live set at Signals Fesitval 2022 (DE), MISANTROPIA Festival (PT), OIIO Festival at Studio Alta 2022 (CZ), trat Festival (CZ), traumburg festival 2022 (DE), ‘4²’ at blaues rauchen 2021 festival (DE), at Hasard3 performance live stream festival (CH) and at Re-Connect Performance Festival 2021(


Other than that, their sound composition '4²' for blaues rauchen festival was broadcasted to WDR radio Studio Akustische Kunst Blaues Rauschen III - Allbee, Kang Beh on 18.12.2021.


They has collaborated with international, Berlin-based sound artist & experimental musicians such as Alïos Yang, Eli Ningù, Elif Gülin Soğuksu, Gina Lo, Kuntay Seferoglu, Kyoka, Mizuki Ishikawa, Periklis Lazarou, Vincent Laju, Vito Willems, Sid Talukdar and more.

Currently, Beh is researching and exploring concepts in feedforward, resonance phenomenon, and interspaces/interdimensional spatial relation & expansion through sound sculpture, electroacoustic and performance practices.

Wei Kang Beh is a Malaysia-born and raised, Berlin-based artist, who implements phenomenology as their inception of work. They explores and interacts with the in/tangible senses from the aspects of matter/non-matter relativity, in the translations between motion, vibration, visuals and time-space in open/closed (virtual/physical) dimensions.


Their work is influenced by the un/conventional and experimental notions between avant-garde art, sound art, science, quantum theories, geometry, mysticism, music and technological artifacts. Beh practices multi-media methodologies to embody their work into sound sculpture, installation, spatial performance, audiovisual composition, graphic score, electroacoustic improvisation and experimental performative electronic instruments/devices.

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