To symbolize the square, it has various interpretations, it represents structure, order and balance. In Vitruvian Man, the square represents the physical aspects of human, the earth, and its laying foundations. In a deeper sense, the four represents the body, mind, soul, and their environment. When these four elements are aligned and balanced, perpetual thoughts, action and e/motions arise.

4² is an audiovisual and graphic score project that explores the notions of, internal/external energy and data transformational flows, from the physical space to the mind space, and from the mind space directing back to the physical space. The composition is referred to and rearranged from the magic square equation patterns proposed by Albrecht Dürer. 

Within the frame of limitation, a box of sine-scapes act and react in-between/beyond certainty (order) and uncertainty (chaos), transcending into a multi-virtual volume where the time-space and synchronicity of events are fluid and spontaneous. As a metaphor, glissandos (sine-tones) in the composition represent the pulsating frequency of energy exchange in our bodily, virtually, fluid reality, connect and disconnect. 

performed at: Hasard3 performance live stream festival at Gate Fribourg, Switzerland 27.2.2021.

performed at: Re-Connect Online Performance Festival 2021 2nd Edition, live from Berlin, Germany 26.3.2021.

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