Berlin-based sound artist, electroacoustic improviser, visual artist, Wei Kang Beh works in revamping the relationship between sound and space, action and perception in open/closed (virtual/physical) environments with the practice of different media.

Stimulated by unconventional approaches within contemporary art, technology, and phenomenon, his work explores the intersection of human/non-human perception, behavior, expression, and environment. Resulting work in site-specific sound sculpture, spatial installation, performance and self-crafted instrument.

His current research explores the symbolism in visible/non-visible electromagnetic field, in the transmutation of universal data between thermodynamics properties and mechanical vibrations from human/non-human.

He has been working on several collaborative avant-garde performance projects such as 'omega b' with Sid Talukdar, and 'Mizuki Ishikawa & Wei Kang Beh' as improvisation duo. 'The Feedback Ensemble' project with Dario Peris, Henri Falk, Sid Talukdar and Louis Higgins.

the akousmatik bush

the akousmatik bush is an avant-garde project developed and curated by Wei Kang Beh, Sid Talukdar and William 'Bilwa' Costa. It's a biweekly open-air improvisation summer event series that invites Berlin-based avant-garde sound artist/musician to share their sonic journey to the Bush in a conceptual spatial setting.