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d t f - down to ferry


initiated by: Wei Kang Beh and William 'Bilwa' Costa on 7.8.2021.

location: Baumschulenweg/Rummelsburg, Berlin.

"playing music at where it shouldn't be played."

d t f is an experimental sound event happened in loops between the BVG ferry terminals of Baumschulenstr./Fähre and Wilhelmstrand on the Fähre F11 (Ferry line F11).

sonic picnic


initiated by: Wei Kang Beh, Clèlia Ghelfenstein and Louis Franklin on 12.6.2021.

location: Baumschulenweg, Berlin.

spontaneous, impulsive; sonic picnic is a non-order alternate sound and performance event that took place on Mercury Hill.

experimental balcony concert


initiated by: Wei Kang Beh, Clelia Ghelfenstein and Gina Lo on 28.5.2021.

location: Neukölln, Berlin.

a pop up experimental concert that took place on a balcony.



curated by: Wei Kang Beh, Clèlia Ghelfenstein and Flux Geist from 30.4.2021 to 7.5.2021.

location: Neukölln, Berlin.

‘Mutualism’ is an art&sound exhibition consists the work from Wei Kang Beh, Clèlia Ghelfenstein and Flux Geist showcased in a home project space.

the akousmatik bush


curated by: Wei Kang Beh, William Bilwa Costa and Sid Talukdar from 27.6.2020 to 27.9.2020.

location: Plänterwald, Berlin.

an avant-garde improvisation/performance event series/project that utilizes ‘acousmatic’ listening concept.