Berlin-based sound artist, electroacoustic improviser, visual artist, Wei Kang Beh works in revamping the relationship between sound and time-space, action and perception in open/closed (virtual/physical) environments with the practice of different media.

Stimulated by unconventional approaches within contemporary art, technology, and phenomenon, their work explores the intersection of human/non-human perception, behavior, expression, and environment. Resulting work in site-specific sound sculpture, spatial installation, performance and self-crafted instrument.

Their current research explores the symbolism in visible/non-visible electromagnetic field, in the translation of universal data between thermodynamics properties and mechanical vibrations from human/non-human.

Wei has been working collaboratively and in solo with avant-garde performances, such as 'omega b' with Sid Talukdar (electronic set, 'w/Mizuki Ishikawa'(electroacoustic set), 'w/Vincent Laju'(electroacoustic set) 'bilwa / wei ex' with William 'Bilwa' (experimental noise) as improvisation duo.

'The Feedback Ensemble' with Dario Peris, Henri Falk, Sid Talukdar and Louis Higgins

as an ensemble.

Other than that, they works in curating pop-up experimental art&sound event in Berlin every now and then.

the akousmatik bush is one of the pop-up project developed and curated by Wei Kang Beh, Sid Talukdar and William 'Bilwa' Costa. It's a biweekly open-air improvisation summer event series that invites Berlin-based avant-garde sound artist/musician to share their sonic journey to the 'Bush' in unconventional spatial settings.