Wei Kang Beh is a Malaysia born and raised, Berlin-based sound & media artist, composer and performer who implements natural phenomena as the inception of experimentation. They explores and interacts with the in/tangible acoustic and visual perceptions from the aspects of matter/non-matter relativity, in the translations between motion, vibration, time and space in open/closed (virtual/physical) dimensions.

Their work is Influenced by the un/conventional and experimental notions of intersections in between avant-garde art, science, quantum theories, geometry, music and technological artefacts. Beh practices multi-media methodologies to embody their work into sound sculpture, installation, spatial performance, audiovisual composition, graphic score, electronic improvisation and experimental performative electronic instruments/devices.

Beh holds a BA in Electronic Music Production and Performance from Catalyst Music Berlin (2021). They has exhibited and performed their work ‘tendency of time’ at group exhibition 'To be more site-specific' at MATCA artspace (RO), ‘4²’ at blaues rauchen 2021 festival (DE), at Hasard3 performance live stream festival (CH) and at Re-Connect Performance Festival 2021(www.com). They has collaborated with international, Berlin-based sound artist & experimental musicians such as Gina Lo, Mizuki Ishikawa, Vito Willems, William Bilwa Costa, Sid Talukdar and more.