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eternal freedom

landart installation

work by: Wei Kang Beh and Ine Cools.

installed at: 4432+9C Großwoltersdorf on 4.7.2021.

attachment is the action of the reaction from detachment; detachment is the action of the reaction from attachment.


a tree, its’ attachment is a seed planted to the ground; its’ detachment is the spiral resistant through uncertainty in time, spawn to its’ growth from nothing comes something.

tendency of time
kinetic-optic-sound installation


work by: Wei Kang Beh

co-conceptualization: Vito Willems

3D-print support: Flux Geist


exhibited at: 'To be more site-specific' at MATCA artspace in Cluj Napoca, Romania from 29.6-20.7.2021.

The tendency of time is space, a static spatial dimension is a time-less dimension.

failed attempt_1


work by: Wei Kang Beh, Mizuki Ishikawa, and Shun Momose.

installed/exhibited at: the akousmatik bush 5.9.2020.

an attempt realized by the probabilities from revolved trails and errors/failure, they are sculptures that silently dance to their failure.


neural entrainment

digital sound installation


sound by: Wei Kang Beh.

presented at: Das Schallabor#3 Spatial Sound for headphones, Geoff Stern Art Space 6.7.2020.

in this dimension, ego would be dissolved, answer would be revealed, bigotry would be washed away and kindness would be developed.