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little dark inside (live) w/Alöis Yang

‘内心深处的小黑暗’ is a performance collaboration between Alöis Yang and Wei Kang Beh that explores the performativity and jiggleness between visuals and sound, light and darkness, occultism and science, data and noise, memory and translation, the-self and the-space.


Embodying laser, mechanical arm, mirrors, solar panel microphones, D.I.Y sound system, dark room and smoke, the performative installation seeks to speculate and exert the morphology of light and noise in an obscure spatial environment.

performed at: Studio Alta Prague, CZ for _~M(-U-)LTI-HO(~ME~)-M(~U~)LTI-HEAL-(IN)_ oiioiooi on 15.10.2022.

photo & video: Nancy Naser Al Deen & Sarah Mohr

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