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audiovisual production

visuals by: wei kang beh.


mixing and mastering by: wei kang beh produced in Antwerp, Belgium 2021.

self-released in Berlin, Germany 17.4.2021.

more, more, more?

audiovisual & graphic score performance project

performed by: Wei Kang Beh for Re-Connect Online Performance Festival 2nd Edition, live from Berlin, Germany 26.3.2021 and Hasard3 performance live stream festival at Gate Fribourg, Switzerland 27.2.2021.

the four corners of the square represent the body, mind, soul, and their environment. discover thoughts, actions, reactions and e/motions through the pulsation of sound and visuals.

Autobahn L96

video performance 2020

performed by: Louis Higgins.

directed by: Wei Kang Beh on 5.8.2020.




Mirages blurred our vision as the heat from the concrete had no mercy. Eventually, we found the portal gate led a space free from the pandemic for sonic expression with unaware entities passing by.

do birds dream of electric sheep

video performance

performed by: Wei Kang Beh and Sid Talukdar.

recorded/directed by: Dario Peris 6.5.2020.

nature and technology, what distinguishes the characteristic, behavioral differences in them? The born and the made? How can one dial into the unity language of nature by the use of technology and correspond with other entities?

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