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graphic score performance


performed by: William 'Bilwa' Costa feat. Elif Gülin Soğuksu and Wei Kang Beh for d t f - down to ferry on 7.8.2021.

A universal score for music, sound, movement, dance, actions, text, voice, etc. Each artist creates 3 motifs; which are performed, sequentially, according to the score.

sonic picnic


performed by: Alöis Yang, Clelia Ghelfenstein, Louis Franklin, William 'Bilwa' Costa, Shun Momose, Yen Chun Lin, Vito Willems and Wei Kang Beh for sonic picnic at Mercury Hill on 12.6.2021.

spontaneous, impulsive; the collection of performers explore site-specific sonic performance as a noise celebration with the natural phenomenon.

w/Mizuki Ishikawa


performed by: Mizuki Ishikawa, Wei Kang Beh for Improvised & Experimental #104, at Hošek Contemporary, Berlin, Germany 27.5.2021.

experimental noise improvisation with mixer, objects, DIY electronics and field-recorder.

bilwa / wei ex 01 feat. C L E L


performed by: William 'Bilwa' Costa, Wei Kang Beh feat. Clelia Ghelfenstein aka C L E L for get in the van music #12, Berlin, Germany on 28.4.2021.

gig in a moving van that picks up 3 artists along the way for a short performance and talk - on the streets of Berlin and all live streamed