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graphic score performance


performed by: William 'Bilwa' Costa feat. Elif Gülin Soğuksu and Wei Kang Beh for d t f - down to ferry on 7.8.2021.

A universal score for music, sound, movement, dance, actions, text, voice, etc. Each artist creates 3 motifs; which are performed, sequentially, according to the score.

sonic picnic


performed by: Alöis Yang, Clelia Ghelfenstein, Louis Franklin, William 'Bilwa' Costa, Shun Momose, Yen Chun Lin, Vito Willems and Wei Kang Beh for sonic picnic at Mercury Hill on 12.6.2021.

spontaneous, impulsive; the collection of performers explore site-specific sonic performance as a noise celebration with the natural phenomenon.

w/Mizuki Ishikawa


performed by: Mizuki Ishikawa, Wei Kang Beh for Improvised & Experimental #104, at Hošek Contemporary, Berlin, Germany 27.5.2021.

experimental noise improvisation with mixer, objects, DIY electronics and field-recorder.

bilwa / wei ex 01 feat. C L E L


performed by: William 'Bilwa' Costa, Wei Kang Beh feat. Clelia Ghelfenstein aka C L E L for get in the van music #12, Berlin, Germany on 28.4.2021.

gig in a moving van that picks up 3 artists along the way for a short performance and talk - on the streets of Berlin and all live streamed

audiovisual & graphic score performance project

performed by: Wei Kang Beh for Re-Connect Online Performance Festival 2nd Edition, live from Berlin, Germany 26.3.2021 and Hasard3 performance live stream festival at Gate Fribourg, Switzerland 27.2.2021.

the four corners of the square represent the body, mind, soul, and their environment. discover thoughts, actions, reactions and e/motions through the pulsation of sound and visuals.

w/Mizuki Ishikawa V/A: Synthezia

audiovisual improvisation

performed by: Mizuki Ishikawa, Wei Kang Beh for SønDER TIDAL Live Showcase //003 at studio.db, Berlin, Germany on 18.2.2021.

a journey into the artefacts of lines and noise, abstract yet concrete, organic yet synthethic, along with improvised visuals by VJ Synthezia.

w/ Mizuki Ishikawa


performed by: Mizuki Ishikawa, Wei Kang Beh for Signals Festival 2020 at Funkhaus Berlin on 17.10.2020.

noise improvisation with electroacoustic instruments, DIY electronics, mixer, and field-recorder.

the feedback ensemble

spatial performance


performed by: Henri Falk, Sid Talukdar, Dario Peris, Louis Higgins, Wei Kang Beh for Sonic Curiosities V at Villa Kuriosum, Berlin, Germany on 28.8.2020

each performer operating their own system of mobile devices and moving individually through the space, creates a strange, spatialised soundworld without any distinct source signal.