audiovisual graphic score performance

performance, composition and visuals by:wei kang beh

the four corners of the square represent the body, mind, soul, and their environment. discover thoughts, actions, reactions and e/motions through the energy of sound and visuals.

w/ Mizuki Ishikawa


performed at: Signals Festival 2020 at Funkhaus Berlin 17.10.2020


noise improvisation with electroacoustic instruments, DIY electronics, mixer, and field-recorder.

the akousmatik bush


curated by: Wei Kang Beh, William Bilwa Costa, and Sid Talukdar, since 27.6.2020

location: Plänterwald, Berlin

an avant-garde improvisation/performance event series/project that utilizes ‘acousmatic’ listening concept.

failed attempt_1


work by: Wei Kang Beh, Mizuki Ishikawa, and Shun Momose

installed/exhibited at: the akousmatik bush 5.9.2020

an attempt realized by the probabilities from revolved trails and errors/failure, they are sculptures that silently dance to their failure.

the feedback ensemble

spatial performance


performed by: Wei Kang Beh, Henri Falk, Sid Talukdar, Dario Peris, Louis Higgins at Villa Kuriosum 28.8.2020

each performer operating their own system of mobile devices and moving individually through the space, creates a strange, spatialised soundworld without any distinct source signal.

Autobahn L96

video performance 2020

performed by: Louis Higgins

directed by: Wei Kang Beh on 5.8.2020


As we walked under the scorching sun next to the motorway, it became clear that only engines were welcome along most of the journey to the tunnel. Mirages blurred our vision as the heat from the concrete had no mercy. Eventually, we found the portal gate led a space free from the pandemic for sonic expression with unaware entities passing by.

neural entrainment

digital sound installation


sound by: Wei Kang Beh

presented at: Das Schallabor#3 Spatial Sound for headphones, Geoff Stern Art Space 6.7.2020

in this dimension, ego will be dissolved, answer will be revealed, bigotry will be washed away and kindness will be developed.

do birds dream of electric sheep

video performance

performed by: Wei Kang Beh, Sid Talukdar

recorded/directed by: Dario Peris 6.5.2020

nature and technology, what distinguishes the characteristic, behavioral differences in them? The born and the made? How can one dial into the unity language of nature by the use of technology and correspond with other entities?