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sonic picnic is a sound and performance event that took place by the Spree river, on Mercury Hill in Baumschulenweg, Berlin.

the notion of the event is to explore the alternate approach of event curation, as to counteract with the general expectations of how an event should be 'choreographed', be it random, disorganised and spontaneous.

the performers improvise following the natural phenomenal changes of the site, the gust of the wind, the shine of the sun; which eventually the performers and the audiences turned the event together intimately into an expressive noise celebration.

initiated by: Wei Kang Beh, Clèlia Ghelfenstein and Louis Franklin on 12.6.2021.

performed by: Alöis Yang, C L E L, Louis Franklin, William 'Bilwa' Costa, Shun Momose, Yen Chun Lin, Vito Willems and Wei Kang Beh at Baumschulenweg, Berlin.

video: Clèlia Ghelfenstein, Wei Kang Beh

photo: William 'Bilwa' Costa, Wei Kang Beh

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