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Singularity SS21

short film scoring/sound design

scored by: Wei Kang Beh for David Reason's MA Thesis Extract, Berlin, Germany 26.4.2021. 

an electronic audio sound design for Interior & Spatial Designer David Reason’s Singularity SS21 short film teaser.

Tatsuya Takahashi’s Powers of Ten

short film scoring/audio production

scored by: Wei Kang Beh for KORG Germany, Funkhaus, Berlin, Germany 25.2.2021.

an electronic audio composition scored for Tatsuya Takahashi’s Powers of Ten -A Synthematic Journey short film.

free download

sound cast for short film

sound by: Rutger, Wei Kang Beh, Mizuki Ishikawa, Gina Lo, Shun Momose, Louis Higgins and Andre Badim.

pressure cooker project for WdKA, shot in Berlin 2020

by Robin, Charlotte, Daphne, Rutger.

portrait of a group of electronic music students in Berlin (Gina, Mizuki, Wei, Shun, Andre, Louis).


neural entrainment

digital sound installation


sound by: Wei Kang Beh

presented at: Das Schallabor#3 Spatial Sound for headphones, Geoff Stern Art Space 6.7.2020.

in this dimension, ego would be dissolved, answer would be revealed, bigotry would be washed away and kindness would be developed.

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