tendency of time

tendency of time explores the meta-physicality of time, perpetual oscillation and transformation from spiral geometry that appears in the forms of energy and motion. 

Utilizing multiple media, wood, sound, light and electronics, three individual, affixed and interactive pendulums installed correspondingly to the sequences of the golden ratio, metamorphosing micro emotional human intervention/interactivity into various dimensional macro mechanical kinesthetic and magnetic forces, as circular and curved gravitational dances.

"the tendency of time is space, a static spatial dimension is a time-less dimension.

time-less space is a void, a void that deconstructs everything, within, it contains nothing, nothing is empty, yet full at the same given moment.


a void is a negative space, it is the space around and between objects. the void is a blackhole, that implodes and repels every form of energy around to the core of itself, it swallows and manifests endless possibility.


they say the void is destroying everything around, no, it’s not, it’s making something new.

the void constructs and manifests an indefinite dimension for one to be inter/externally connected to time.


time, when one pays energy and interact with it in a space, it slips and distorts, one’s interconnected reality and dimension, leads to the ultimate transformation of their perception of inter/external space/dimension. the cause of perceptual shift is not accidental, it’s a hypnosis, a state of hyper-awareness, to unlock and redirect the reactions, arise from the actions of the void.


as it oscillates, as infinity occurs, in and out, up and down, creating a sempiternal symbol of time and movement, carry along in the space, in between and beyond, sound and light, hanging and freeing, forcing and flowing, giving and receiving, living and dying, forever and ever. as the spiral, no start, nor end, motion in between space."

work by: Wei Kang Beh

co-conceptualization: Vito Willems

3D-print support: Flux Geist


exhibited at: 'To be more site-specific' at MATCA artspace in Cluj Napoca, Romania from 29.6.2021 to 20.7.2021.

photo: Johanna Bach, Wei Kang Beh

video: Wei Kang Beh