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what if we chase the light (live) w/anath)

'what if we chase the light' is the project researched and created by Anath & Wei Kang Beh during Wei Kang Beh's laboratory residency 'fier' at Liebig12 Berlin from 15.12.2022 to 20.01.2022.


intense light, extreme sound, emotional dance, and thrilling laboratory experiments.

this performative project explores movements between laser-projected light trajectories and human bodies using several pairs of 3d-printed laser rings as the musical instruments.


embodying laser with body, light and sound, rotation and strobe, the performance presents an overloading of vital components, swaying in between light and dark.

performed by: Anath & Wei Kang Beh for 'what if we chase the light' lab performance program #1 at Liebig12 Berlin, DE on 21.12.2022.

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